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Juline Mosser


I am a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner (LIMHP). I provide services to individuals and couples who are seeking support to navigate through life's challenges. I provide individual therapy, sex therapy, and relationship counseling services.

Individual Therapy

I will assist you in recognizing the obstacles that are hindering your well-being. My therapeutic approach incorporates a range of techniques derived from client-centered therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, acceptance and commitment therapy, somatic psychotherapy, and psychodynamic therapy. During our sessions, we can delve into the ways in which your past experiences may influence your current life, while also exploring the possibilities for personal growth stemming from these experiences.

Sex Therapy

Sexual well-being plays a vital role in one's overall health and happiness, implying that if your sexual function or satisfaction is compromised, it can impact other aspects of your life (and vice versa). It's common for individuals to experience sexual concerns at some stage in their lives. Regrettably, the subject of sexuality tends to be embarrassing, uncomfortable, or even considered taboo for many. However, the failure to openly address sexual concerns and problems can pose a significant obstacle to attaining sexual health and wellness.

Relationship Counseling

I will collaborate with you in pinpointing the root cause of the issue and together, we will endeavor to restore harmony to your relationship. However, it's important to note that my approach to relationship counseling does not assume that the couple will inevitably remain together, as this may not always be the optimal choice. I offer psychotherapy services to individuals in various types of relationships, including heterosexual, gay, lesbian, non-binary, gender non-conforming, trans, kink, consensual non-monogamous, and polyamorous relationships.

Juline Mosser


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