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  • Juline Mosser

Journal Prompts :: March 2022

Spring is right around the corner. I can feel the transformative nature of the sunny warm weather. As we prepare for spring’s transition, I hope these prompts help you to process the excitement of a fresh spring and the shedding of the winter’s dark cold days and nights.

As always, there are no rules here. Your interpretation of the prompt is exactly how it should be processed and written. Revisit and rewrite them and observe how, like spring, your thoughts, energy and perspective transitions and grows.

“One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon — instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.”

— Dale Carnegie

  • What is “growing” right in front of me?

  • To me, growth is…

  • In what areas do I want to grow?

  • What barriers are there that inhibit my growth?

  • What am I outgrowing?

  • In what areas of my life can I stop and smell the roses?


I am grateful for each and every one of you. I am thrilled that you’re making space for the transformational healing and learning power of writing. May your writing bring you understanding, compassion, and insight to continue to grow in love with yourself!

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