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  • Juline Mosser

Journal Prompts:: June 2022

Journaling this month has felt a little superficial for me. The weather has gotten warmer and my days and nights are filled with exciting outdoor activities; and yet I find myself feeling disconnected. Processing and attempting to feel my way through it resulted in nothing until I saw this painting. I share this with expressed permission from the artist (my daughter). This hangs in my room to remind me to stay outside of the lines, to be bright and that all things that we enjoy, regardless of outcome, are pieces of art. I was trying to journal inside of the lines, to write for an “end result” instead of myself, I was not practicing what I preach. In all of her infinite wisdom, my daughter taught me, yet again, a valuable life lesson; color outside of the lines and appreciate the journey.

Are you practicing what you preach?

If not, how can you challenge yourself to align your actions with your words?

How does it feel for you to color outside of the lines?

How can you be more present in your journey and focus less on the “end result”?

What feelings or thoughts come up in you when looking at this painting?

I am grateful for each and every one of you. I am thrilled that you’re making space for the transformational healing and learning power of writing. May your writing bring you understanding, compassion, and insight to continue to grow in love with yourself! May the Fourth be with all of you!

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